We all knew this was coming.

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“MA: A boy for a day”



I still have my panties on…

“do you have a headcanon voice for bree?”

((omg I’m surprised someone cared enough to ask!! 

But yes, I do!! [x] [x]

Isn’t she adorable))

“She pats the bar excitedly and writes, "I've met Torture! Only briefly though. He seems nice! Poor thing needs new gloves though. Y'all have a son? He must be the cutest thing! Maybe I'll get to meet him too!"”

Ain’t he a babe?! -squeals- And his gloves… Oh goodness~!

Torture has.. He just has it!

And as for our son, he’s the sweetest! His name is Alexander!

“She lifts an eyebrow and nudges her playfully, writing, "Oh? Tell me about him! Can't just say that and leave me hanging now."”

Ohhh! -giggles and blushes- His name is Torture.. And he has black hair.. A-and beautiful eyes! We have the sweetest son in the world! 

“She shakes her head, "I don't have either. Do I really look like the kind that could even have the chance to 'get a man'?"”

Yeah! I bet you could! I used to think tha’ same thing! 

Then I got the finest man in the world! -sighs happily-

“She freezes at her joke but then seems to relax a little before she stands and carefully sits next to her, writing, "What would you like to know, ma'am?"”

Oh, I dunno! You gots a family?? Or a man, maybe?? 

“Her shoulders shake as if she's laughing and she accepts the water gratefully, getting comfortable on the floor and sipping at the water with a wide smile.”

-Sits down on a bar stool and pulls out one for her, patting it-

Sit sit! Tell me about yourself, so if the police come around I can give ‘em a description! Hehe, I’m kidding!  

“i was wondering if this bree and torture were a thing or if that's just out the window”

((Oh! Well, the mod and I were talking about that!

And they’re still a thing! Bree’s the same person.. She just got a make over!))

“She erases her board with her dress and after a pause, writes, "I'm sixteen. And I'm not talking because I can't, I'm mute." She patted her own throat lightly and added to the board, "It means that I don't have a voicebox, I can't make a peep."”

I know what mute means! 

Hmm.. You ain’t old enough to drink.. So here. -pours her a glass of water- 

“answer me please i really want to know please”

Know what, Anon? You didn’t ask me nothin’!

“She stares up at her wide eyed, erasing her board and writing, "Really?? thank you thank you!!" she stops and thinks for a moment before writing, "They call me Missy. What's your name?"”

Mhmm.. You’re welcome! 

The name’s Bree~ … Say, how old are you? And why ain’t you talkin’??

“Pauses and bites her lip before reaching into her bag and pulling out some bread that she had stolen, looking off to the side with a disappointed look on her face before writing with her free hand, "I haven't eaten in days, I couldn't stop myself! I'm so sorry, I'm sorry! Please don't let them hurt me."”

Oh lordy.. I don’t need the fuzz in here.. I just… 

Okay okay! Calm down.. I won’t let them in here…

Ya got a name,kid?

“She snaps her head up to look at her and gives her a pleading look, putting a finger over her mouth and shaking her head. She quickly pulls out a board and scribbles messily, "Ma'am, please let me hide here! Please!"”

Why should I?? I don’t even know you!

Who are you hidin’ from? You ain’t on the lam, are ya?! I refuse to let a convict in my bar! 

“She stumbled into the room before quickly jumping over the bar and ducking down behind it, trying to catch her breath.”

Hey! W-who are you?! And where’s ya card?!

If you even have one..

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